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Nutrastar International

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Nutrastar International is a leading producer and supplier of premium Cordyceps Militaris-based consumer products including small packages of Cordyceps, premium beverages containing Cordyceps as well as organic and specialty food products. Found only in high mountainous regions, natural Cordyceps is a popular and expensive ingredient used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Through years of testing, Nutrastar has developed and patented a cultivation process for Cordyceps, making it the only company that can produce the sought-after natural herb on a mass commercial scale. The company is the largest producer of this ingredient, currently producing 72 tons annually where the estimated global capacity is around 250 tons. Nutrastar has a Cordyceps distribution network that covers 10 provinces and just introduced in November 2010, a beverage distribution network that currently covers 2 provinces. The company is also one of the largest wholesale distributors of organic and specialty foods in the Heilongjiang Province.

Functional Health Drinks

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Cordyceps Militaris

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Organic & Specialty Foods

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